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Author Guidelines

General Guidelines

For reading by peer reviewers, please double-space all submissions. Text will be reformatted for publication (single-spaced, Times New Roman 14, 12 for footnotes).

Indent every paragraph except the first. The spacing for each paragraph should be 0 before, and 3 after.

Spacing will be 1, for both footnotes and texts, in the published version, but in the draft for peer review, please space at 1.5.

One space only after each sentence. 

Single quotation marks, double for quotations within quotations. Place the full stop within the quotation when the quotation is a complete sentence, outside when not.

ed. not ed. by, numbers only for page references (not p or p.),

Wells’s, not Wells’.

Please try to use the best available edition of your primary texts (the Penguin or Atlantic for Wells’s work where possible). When a book has been published in two places by one publisher, just give the first. Give the author’s name as it is given on title page.

Keep the italics for a title within a title, e.g. H. G. Wells in Nature: A Reception Reader. Follow British over American usages where these differ, e.g. –ise, rather and –ize. Please try to avoid the authorial first person, and do not begin sentences with conjunctions.

You may refer to an often-quoted item parenthetically within the text if you wish, if the full bibliographical details are given following the first reference. Subsequent references to secondary material may be given by the author’s name, e.g.: Davidson, 10.

Citation Style Guidelines

Give bibliographical information in footnotes, rather than in a supplementary bibliography or the author/date system. Please use the ‘insert footnote’ command for references. Footnotes should be placed at the end of a sentence, following the full stop, without a space, and be in the following format:


E. P. Thompson, William Morris(London: Pantheon, 1976)

H. G. Wells, The War of the Worlds(1898), ed. Patrick Parrinder (London: Penguin, 2005), 21-2, 124-5.

Aristotle. Historia Animalium(350 BCE), trans. A. L. Peck, vol. 2 (London: Heinemann, 1970), 2-15; Book IV.1.

Articles in Journals

Joanne A. Wood, ‘Counter-Evolution: The Prosthetics of Early Modernist Form’, ELH, 66 (1999), 489-510.

2On Wells’s revisions to the novel, see David Y. Hughes, ‘The Revisions of The War of the Worlds”, Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens 30 (1989), 141-9.

3Philip Coupland, “H. G. Wells’s ‘Liberal Fascism’,” Journal of Contemporary History, 35 (2000), 541-58; cf. Hyde, 232.

Articles in Books

Keith Williams, ‘Alien Gaze: Postcolonial Vision in The War of the Worlds, in H. G. Wells: Interdisciplinary Essays, ed. Steven McLean (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2008), 60-1. 

Please refer to previous issues of the Wellsian or contact the editor if in doubt.  

Submission Preparation Checklist

All submissions must meet the following requirements.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.